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Halal Guys: From NYC to the ATL

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By Alan Fowler

Halal Guys brings the ATL another dynamic cultural food experience that is sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

To take a line from Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast”, and our appetites seem to move at a speedy pace as well, which is why the modern lifestyle has brought with it an influx of trendy food options such as food trucks, pop-up joints, and even the do-it-yourself mail ordered meals. All of these food inventions are a response to consumer demands of high quality food within strict time parameters. But there is a more established type of food joint that laid the foundation for these trendy followers and captured where the spirit of the age was heading. This would be the mighty street food vendor.

One of the most prominent of these street food vendors is without a doubt “Halal Guys”, which started back in 1990 with a hot dog cart that was set up in the streets of NYC. The concept quickly grew as they began to offer their now famous Chicken and Gyro Plates which is served over a plate of white rice, veggies, and a choice of either white or red sauce to accompany the meal. This quick, easy, and tasty concept became immensely popular in NYC, and now Halal Guys is sharing their phenomenal food with patrons across the country and have recently opened their first location right here in the ATL.

halal guys atlanta review
Fans of Halal Guys brave the cold for the Grand Opening (Photo credit: M2 Public Relations)

Located off of Buford Highway, the Atlanta Halal Guys location offers everything that the original joint became famous for (apart from the Manhattan Skyline). Guests are treated to their convenient menu of gyro and chicken which can be ordered as a plate or as a pita bread wrap. Nothing overly complex: savory gyro and chicken, fresh veggies, and three sauce options (white, red, BBQ). For those who have not experienced the fiery legend of the Halal Guys Red Sauce, be forewarned- this sauce brings the inferno. This simple combination of peppers and spices has brought many a tear to the eyes of those not properly prepared. Anyone who prefers something on the cooler side will enjoy the white sauce, which is a nice accompaniment that allows the savory flavors of the meats and veggies to take center stage. The BBQ sauce is also a tangy twist on the classic dish.

With a distinct menu, great service, and great location, Halal Guys is set up to be a prominent spot on the Atlanta restaurant scene. Disclaimer: Anyone who is brave enough to apply a decent helping of the red sauce to their meal is encouraged to document the experience with words, pictures, and/or video. Share the moment on the Halal Guys social media pages, and tag Roamilicious…we are all interested to see how that goes! Best of luck.