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Studio Movie Grill – fine dining and entertainment in one stop

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Disclosure: My movie tickets and meal were complimentary.

Similar to Cinebistro in Brookhaven, Studio Movie Grill combines the dinner and show concept. Studio Movie Grill opened in Alpharetta June 2010. And last year they expanded to Duluth and Marietta. Though I’d visited the Alpharetta location a couple times, I was happy to check out the revamped Studio Movie Grill in Marietta.

studio movie grill atlanta tickets
Scan your phone to get your tickets without waiting in line at Studio Movie Grill

What a better way to spend an absolutely scorching Sunday afternoon than in a cool theatre, sipping on an ice cold Margarita? Or beer. Or Old Fashioned. Or whatever you fancy.  When you enter Studio Movie Grill, just beyond the ticketing area, you’ll see a bar to your left. Studio Movie Grill also offers reserved seating. How nice is it to pick your own seat and know you’re seat is guaranteed even five minutes before the movie starts?

studio movie grill atlanta bar
Hang out in the bar and dine or order food from your theatre seat at Studio Move Grill

We decided to wait until we were seated before ordering drinks or food since we were there 20 minutes before the movie started, we had plenty of time.  There’s a button on each table you press to alert servers that you want to place an order.  But there was no need as servers were quick to stop by seats to take orders.

studio movie grill new menu
Avocado toast at Studio Movie Grill

In the past, I’ve had the Perfect Patron margarita and it was terrific, but on a recent visit I was excited to try the Old Fashioned (I’m in a whiskey phase). I flirted with the idea of maple syrup infused cocktail but my server steered me away from that noting the sweetness to it. Very pleased with my Old Fashioned, even if it was only 4 pm, I followed that up with a glass of wine, which you can choose from a 6 oz or a 9 oz pour.

I was all for the Edamame hummus. Studio Movie Grill serves theirs with lots of bread plus a generous portion of sliced cucumbers, tri-colored carrots and sweet peppers. Don’t you hate when you run out of dippers? It won’t happen at Studio Movie Grill thank goodness.

studio movie grill dining
Edamame hummus at Studio Movie Grill

The hummus itself, seemed to be augmented with mayo or some extender which detracted from the flavor, so I’m glad Glen wanted to try the avocado toast, pictured above. Drizzled with balsamic and a generous portion of tomatoes, arugula and avocado, I’d say it is more of a flatbread, but semantics. Whatever you call it, it was delicious! At just $11, I’d order this as an entree on my next Studio Movie Grill visit.

studio movie gril ahi tuna bowl
Tasty Ahi Tuna bowl at Studio Movie Grill

Although the starters at Studio Movie Grill were enjoyable, I highly recommend the Megaplex burger. With bacon, mushrooms, onions and both cheddar and pepper jack cheese, it was juicy and tasty. Even the dark theatre, I didn’t have to see the cheese to tell it was quality. It is pretty large and the burger, and along with my crispy sweet potato fries would have been plenty by itself to fill me up and keep me satisfied for the remainder of the night.

However, the Megaplex burger is something I’ve had on my last two Studio Movie Grill visits and I was determined to try something different, especially given the fact they have revamped the menu (but glad the burger is still there!). I loved the Fish and Chips made with lightly battered Cod and in four generous pieces. I barely made a dent in my sweet potato fries but darn were they fantastic too.

studio movie grill fish chips
Studio Movie Grill Fish and Chips with sweet potato fries (worth the $2 upcharge)

I love the roomy, reclining chairs at Studio Movie Grill too. I could recline while my tray with my food was still close enough to dine on without spilling on myself. Well, almost. Hubby wanted the brownie sundae for us to share. I was so close to not spilling anything on my shirt…but not quite.

While Studio Movie Grill may not be a destination for ITPers, it’s something out of the ordinary for Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Marietta folks.

Studio Movie Grill Website

Extras: Kudos to SMG for posting this on their website: “No Children Under Age 2 Will Be Admitted To Any PG-13 or R-Rated Feature After 6:00 PM.” Wish more movie theatres would adopt this policy. Plus all tickets are just $5 on Tuesdays at Studio Movie Grill

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