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Agave Atlanta serves up Southwestern cuisine in the perfect date night setting!

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Agave restaurant in Atlanta’s downtown rolls out a new menu and it’s awesome!

My first visit to Agave restaurant in Atlanta was more than 10 years ago. You know, before the throngs of people moved to Atlanta and you could still get somewhere on a Friday after work before 9 pm. I don’t get to visit as often as I like for the reason mentioned. However, whenever I go back to Agave, I always feel so welcomed and treated lovely.

My first visit to Agave in Atlanta, I had the Crawfish Diablo Pasta – and boy is it spicy, just the way I like it. And other visited included the fried lobster tail. Whoa is that incredible! I headed back to Agave recently as they’ve just redone their menu and I wanted to see what was new.

agave southwestern cuisine atlanta roamilicious
Eggrolls at a Southwestern restaurant? Yes, when you visit Atlanta’s Agave

Pictured at the top are the meatballs and smoked salmon chips. If just had these two items and a margarita, I’d have left happy. The meatballs at Agave in Atlanta are not your average meatballs. Made with veal, chorizo and hatch green chiles, they have a bit of kick. They aren’t new – I think the Agave customers would revolt if they took them off the menu, they are so delicious. But the smoked salmon tostada chips are and they are divine.

One of the new entree items I had was the Chili grilled swordfish at Agave Atlanta. The perfect bite is a piece of fish, with a chunk of those spicy tequila cream sauce soaked potatoes. Seriously you guys, this dish is heavenly. I hope it stays on the menu at Agave.

agave atlanta mexican restaurant roamilicious
Chile Swordfish at Agave Atlanta

Not a new dish, buy my personal favorite at Agave, is the Tequila Anejo Shrimp. The shrimp are always cooked perfectly and the jalapeno grit cake they are served with is a lovely pairing. Speaking of pairing, this Atlanta restaurant serves up some mighty tasty margaritas, which are perfect to wash down this dish.

agave atlanta restaurant seafood romailicious
My favorite entree at Atlanta’s Agave is this Tequila Shrimp

What else is on the new menu at Agave in Atlanta?

This grilled pork chop is also new on the menu at Agave. It gets a touch of southwest flair with the New Mexico red chile sauce. So, there really is something for everyone at Agave in Atlanta. And while I love the mashed potatoes and asparagus, which goes perfectly with this dish, you should definitely try some of the other sides the Honey braised collard greens. I don’t even like collards, but the way Agave prepares them are delightful.

agave downtown atlanta restaurant roamilicious
Rancho grilled Pork Chop at Agave

Service at Agave has always been friendly and knowledgeable on my visits throughout the years. Plus, all their produce, beef and seafood is delivered fresh daily.

I’ve had tons of key lime pie in my life: good, bad and average. But you’ll want to order this key lime pie from Agave in Atlanta, even if you have to take it home and enjoy later like we did. Why? The creamy and tartness is perfect, sure, but that’s one part. The other is the crust. Agave serves their key lime pie with a ginger crust which is the icing on the cake…er…pie.

agave restaurant atlanta roamilicious
Tangy and perfect key lime pie at Agave in Atlanta

Tip: Sign up for the Agave newsletter. They don’t bombard you, like many other Atlanta restaurants do – you’ll only hear from them occasionally, but when you do they will have a great promotion going on. And for years, they’ve had a a special where all entrees are priced at just $12 between 5 and 6 pm on weekdays. What a deal!

242 Boulevard St
Atlanta, Ga 30312
Agave Restaurant

Southwester in Atlanta - Agave Roamilicious
Delicious Southwestern food at Agave Atlanta

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