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La Tavola’s Brunch Menu, Virginia-Highland, Atlanta, GA

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Atlantans take their brunches very seriously. Just try to get into just about any brunch hot spot in Atlanta on any given weekend and you are in for a seriously long wait. La Tavola, no stranger to top-notch food, has added some new menu items to their brunch offering. On Sundays, not much can get me out of the house or out from under the covers before late morning, but I was happy to venture out when La Tavola invited me to sample some of their new menu items.

We started off our brunch feast with La Tavola’s Beet and Apple salad. With pistachios and fennel in a red wine vinaigrette, it packs a myriad of flavors. It tastes as pretty as it looks too. Love the balance of tart and sweet. Note the picture shows half the portion as we split it. One order is plenty for two.

I just couldn’t pass up the Challah French Toast with berries and honey mascarpone. So, again, we split an order of that. Another stellar brunch option, although not new to the menu, I wouldn’t miss this perennial brunch favorite either.

If it’s meat you seek, there are plenty of meat-centric entrees. We ordered the Italian Sausage and Flat Iron. Both come with poached eggs and polenta. I guess there was some mix-up as we were given the Chicken Sausage instead. We didn’t ask to swap as it really wasn’t a big deal to us and I was eager to sample the brunch potatoes that came with it. Loved dipping the potatoes into the liquidy, gooey egg.

The Flat Iron was the better of the two dishes. It was extremely tender and prepared medium just as requested. And although polenta, like grits, doesn’t usually rock my world, theirs was done very well.

The restaurant had a steady flow of customers throughout our entire meal. But there wasn’t a line a mile long to get your brunch on, like Murphy’s across the street. My guess is it won’t be long before word gets out about this pleasant brunch spot. However, they do take reservations if you want to plan ahead.

992 Virginia Ave, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30306

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