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Seoul of the South: Your Guide to Korean Eats in Duluth, GA

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While you may think a trip to Buford Highway is the only way to experience ethnic eats in Atlanta, a trip to Gwinnett’s Korean neighborhood of Duluth, will certainly change your mind about that.

Atlanta’s Korean population is about 100,000 and a majority live in the Duluth area. If you’ve wanted to try Korean food and been intimidated or not sure what to get here’s a list of where to go and what to order when you get there. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t want to read through the list? Just watch the short video of our Seoul of the South food tour I created at the top of the page.

Harue Food & Cafe (3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., #122 Duluth, 30096)

The 50/50: Spice fried chicken and regular fried chicken at Harue

Our first stop on the first stop of our Seoul of the South tour, this felt the least fancy. Must order: Tteokbokki, a soft pasta-like dish made of rice. There’s a sweet red chili paste that almost makes it like the Korean version of spaghetti.

The Stone Grill (2550 Pleasant Hill Road. #111, Duluth 30097)

Stone Grill Korean restaurant in Duluth

More of a traditional Korean barbecue, here the marinated meats are cooked in front of you on grills built in to the tables. Because there’s so many fantastic meats to try, you’ll want to come here with a group. Must order: Cheese Dung Galbi. These are wonderfully marinated baby back ribs (with a bit of a kick) that you dip in gooey melted cheese) which melts on the grill right next to the ribs.

Breakers Korean BBQ & Grill (3505 Gwinnett Pl Dr. #101 Duluth, 30096)

Upscale atmosphere at Breakers in Duluth

This spot on our Seoul of the South tour really is a shinning example of excellent Korean Barbecue. All of the meats – beef, pork belly, chicken, etc were scrumptious. Must order: Bulgogi, a grilled marinated beef.

Tree Story (2550 Pleasant Hill Road #415, Duluth, 30096)

Tree Story Bakery

The infectious smell of freshly baking bread and sweet treats the moment you walk in is intoxicating. It is impossible not to have a smile on your face the entire time you are in this gorgeous bakery. There are many traditional sweets that I’m sure are tasty, but I quite enjoyed their “Korean ice” which is ice cream mixed in with fruits like kiwi and strawberry with a sweet bean paste as well. Must order: Any of the pastries that come filled with the traditional sweet red or black bean paste.

Tip: Korean Barbecue is a great options for those on a low carb diet. A filling and satisfying meal with grilled meats and kimchi is a great alternative for those tired of bacon, eggs and steak.

Disclosure: My meals were complimentary at the various Korean restaurants in Duluth,  courtesy of Explore Gwinnett, but the opinions expressed are my own.